Documentary magazine piece about Casey 'Kid' Motsisi - Surreal writer for South Africa's Drum Magazine.

Rradinokga - Father of Snakes, documentary about Adrian Boshier, explorer, scientist and Sangoma in South Africa

Peter Sheppard-Skaerved plays Luigi Nono at Goldsmith's College in London 2015

Gudrun's Day, a short film made in Iceland

Angelina - short documentary about the sculptor Grant Carlin

Kafka - Short film about Franz Kafka

A trailer for Jazz Shaman, a documentary about modern free jazz.

A trailer for a project on London's Housing crisis 2015

Plat! - a short experiomental film

Garden Cottage with Paul Dunmall and Tony Bianco playing in Shropshire

Dervish - A performance at the Barbican

The Great Stink - animation for the music by the band The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

An extract from Dave Liebman's performance with Vein at the Birmingham Conservatoire

Echoes of London - performance by Paul Dunmall and Tony Bianco

Sultan's Elephant - Giant puppets in London