Immo Horn (Producer/ Director/ Cameraman)

Currently producing and directing documentaries for Amyric Films. Has  produced and directed magazine pieces and documentaries for SABC-TV and worked as cinematographer for directors such as Richard Stanley and Tom Roberts in the UK and Adam Simon in the USA. The films and documentaries have been shown on BBC channels and Ch 4, CFI as well as numerous film festivals.

"Immo Horn's striking cinematography provides an extraordinarywealth of amazingly hypnotic dreamlike visuals..."

[IMDb review quote from Woody Anders]

Debra Watson (Producer/ Director)

Started out her career as a performance artist in South Africa 1980’s with the arts collective ‘Possession Arts’ , supplementing her income with work in the news industry as a gofer and sound person. She then moved into professional theatre both performing and writing theatre, and touring with the hit show ‘Curl Up and Dye’, now a South African and UK drama set work book. Debra then moved into film, working for the SABC for 5 yrs before moving to the UK where she worked for a short time directing corporate videos, before starting a participative theatre , arts and media charity ‘MetaPlay’. She is also a co-founding member of Amyric films.